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Rules of classes at the Department of Vascular Surgery of PUM.



Each student completes an on-line epidemiological questionnaire (prepared by the IT department of the PUM at in the morning before the day of the classes and before entering the SPSK nr2 area. An adjunct professor can check its result in the same way as the Dean's office at: Information about the necessity and method of completing the questionnaire is given to students by the PUM Dean's Office. In the event that it is not possible for a student to enter the classes by phone or to check the completeness of the questionnaires remotely, the teacher should contact Mr. Paweł Pacała from the IT Department (91 4800782), who will be able to download data concerning the entire group of students who will be able to participate in the classes on a given day.

The completion of the epidemiological survey is checked daily by the group supervisor before the exercises (the student provides the result of the survey in any form - see the COVID 19 survey instructions for PUM students). Proper verification is a condition for allowing the student to attend practical classes in the Clinic of Vascular Surgery.

Additionally, before the first classes, each student should familiarize himself/herself with the p/epidemic procedures in force at SPSK nr2 (available at SPSK nr2 - link attached). and with the order of the Rector of PUM No. 135/2020 regulating the rules of exercises in SPSK No. 2.



Students entering the Vessel Surgery Ward show the result of the epidemiological survey to the ward nurse (first contact / at the elevator). Next, the ward directs students to the secretariat, where the secretary checks the presence in the attendance book and informs the assistant about the arrival of the group to the class. The students wait for the assistant in the waiting room at the secretary's office (they cannot move around the ward without a supervisor).  The group supervisor is appointed according to the online class schedule (link below)

The schedule and rules of classes in the Clinic of Vascular Surgery can be found on the Clinic's website:


Students who will not be in class will take classes remotely. The group's counselor will inform the Teaching Assistant about the absence. These students will take classes remotely ("Teams") by the end of the exercise block of a given subgroup. The type of on-line classes as well as the verification of the results and the completion of the exercises are done by the Teaching Assistant Supervisor.


The suspicion of COVID 19 infection is put by the group supervisor. He then directs the student to the SPSK buffer zone, which is designated by the Hospital Management (until the buffer containers are placed at building no. 20, it will be the Ophthalmology Seminar Room).

The suspected student goes to the designated buffer zone and calls 914494534, where he receives advice. He informs the group leader about the result of the teleport.  On the basis of the telecommendation a recommendation is made to take a COVID 19 test or not. If the test is to be performed - the group supervisor/assistant reports this fact to the PUM Epidemic Hazard Committee (tel. 517217944) or follows the recommendations of the Chairman, Professor Anna Jurczak (tel. 604065568).

All rules of dealing with a student in the context of COVID 19 are governed by the orders of the above-mentioned committee. In doubtful situations and in the absence of the possibility of obtaining a recommendation from the PUM Epidemic Risk Committee, the conduct with the student is determined in consultation with the SPSK 2 Epidemic Nurse.

The permission to return to practical classes in the case of a student who has had a positive COVID19 inoculation is given each time by the Head of the PUM Clinic of Infectious Diseases.

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